Tomatoes: Unlikely Heroes!


The American Cancer Society had a wonderful post about Summer Nutrition: How Tomatoes Are An Unlikely Hero! The following is attributed to them: Tomatoes possess several interesting properties that make them exceptional at helping prevent cancer, particularly prostate cancer. Their most interesting quality: they supply lycopene which is a strong antioxidant. Also the onions in this…

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Moroccan Turkey Salad

Ingredients for MorrocanSaladpg

This is a good recipe to make using leftover turkey. However, if using pre-cooked turkey breast, do not season. Cut turkey in to 1-inch cubes and set aside. See the directions below in category how to prepare. Moroccan Turkey Salad Print Recipe CourseMain Dish CuisineMoroccan Servings 4 Servings 4 Moroccan Turkey Salad Print Recipe CourseMain…

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Eat Immunity Strengthening Foods

immunity strengthening foods

Recently research shows that part of the strengths of certain foods against cancer derives from their effect on your immune defenses. Cancer cells arise, your white blood cells must recognize that they are abnormal and destroy them. White blood cells like soldiers work much better when they are well nourished and do not have to…

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Ways to Manage Your Weight


SUMMER DAYS ARE JUST AROUND THE CORNER! FIND WAYS TO MANAGE YOUR WEIGHT. Here we go. Healthy eating is the start of effective weight control. It means finding simple healthy ways to reduce the number of calories you consume each day. It is the small changes you make that make a big difference. Try these…

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Make Your Meals as Nutritious as Possible


From Visually.

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Curried Three-Bean Lentil Vegetable Stew


Beans! Nature’s Healthy Gems


Beans are in the legume family and have a healthy profile. Dried legumes are among the least processed items in the supermarket. They are not subjected to preservatives or other chemicals generally used in processing foods, and they have not been given drugs or hormones. Also, beans are protected by pods and, therefore, have lower…

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Hope Complete Salad [Shared] (Video)

hope complete salad v2

Print the recipe here

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Hope Complete Salad [Shared]

Blog Salad & coleslaw

We are all busy, but you can make some meal preparation ahead of time. As a nutritionist, I also encounter my own challenges as I have to make sure that I eat healthy balanced meals in the right-sized portions at all times. I am no different from the layperson who is strapped for time and…

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Contest Time!


Enter for a chance to win a set of PortionMate Tools   We’re rewarding one lucky winner with a set of PortionMate Meal and Snack Measuring Tools. You can measure all your favorite food directly into your plate or bowl. PortionMate is a color-coded meal and snack-measuring tool that allows the user to quickly and…

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