Ginger Raspberry Chicken


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Herbs! What The New Science Shows and [Their Healing Benefits]


Herbs have healing power that my ease pain, prevent Alzheimer’s as well as ward off cancer and heart disease. You can find some of these spices in your kitchen cabinet or buy them from your grocery store.  Herbs have been used for hundred of years to heal and scientists are discovering and finding proof to…

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Butternut Kale Lasagna


Vegetable Lasagna


    Vegetable Lasagna Print Recipe You can save time making this recipe by buying packaged pre-washed spinach. I also believe that you can substitute ingredients that you have on hand. CourseMain Dish CuisineItalian Servings 8 servings Servings 8 servings Vegetable Lasagna Print Recipe You can save time making this recipe by buying packaged pre-washed…

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Marinara Sauce (Video)

Marinara Sauce

Here is my video with instructions to make my favorite marinara sauce. You can view the entire recipe here.

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Healthy Creative Simple Ways to Break – [FASTING]


Healthy Creative Simple Ways to Break – [fasting] Earlier in August, you read about the merits of eating breakfast. Now let’s explore some ways we can have fun and entice the whole family to participate. Would you join in? There is no reason to have the same breakfast every morning. Eating breakfast in short is to…

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Marinara Sauce (Audio)

Marinara Sauce

  Listen in as I discuss my favorite marinara sauce! Here are tips and tricks to make a sauce that everyone loves. You will most likely want to double the recipe.   Click here to download the audio file.  To view the recipe, click here.  

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PortionMate! Is it the Solution to Right Size Portion?


  Many people following a meal plan focus on the number of calories in each food. This becomes challenging to manage. It is easier to use “Portion Mate” – A meal and snack measuring tool. It takes away the guesswork and all the other methods that you use to align right sized portions. One of…

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How Many Servings You Need Each Day?

How Many Servigs Per Day -

How many servings do you need each day? Servings and portion sizes are often confused and normally bigger than the manufacturer’s size shown on the food label.     * Asterisk denotes that: The number of servings depends on your age. Older children and teenagers (ages 9 to 18 years) and adults over the age…

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Your Year in Review & Moving Forward

2015 Happy New Year

The holidays are over and we are now in the New Year, the gifts are returned, the sales are now wrapping up and you may even have shopped for new items to use in the future. Best of all you made your New Year resolution(s) that are in progress. Is your resolution about wanting to…

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