Enjoy Delicious food without counting calories!


Experts from the American Cancer research report say, “Maintaining a healthy weight is the best thing you can do to reduce your cancer risk.” Excess body fat needs to be challenged with a balanced diet and regular physical activity. Fat tissue increases insulin and estrogen, the two hormones that give fuel to the development of…

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Take it to Heart – Health Tips


Eating well and being physically active is important for a healthy heart. Try these tips from The Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics and your heart will thank you. Lighten up. Losing even a few extra pounds helps unburden your heart. Be Fat-savvy. Trim saturated fat and cholesterol by choosing lean meats, skinless poultry and low-fat…

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The Sia Figiel Story – A Journey With Diabetes

A Journey With Diabetes - HopeNutriServices.com

Read this novelist’s story that she shared at the American Diabetes Association’s Disparities Partnership Forum. I find it empowering and powerful as she sets out to lift the shame that some people have when diagnosed with diabetes. Sia Figiel Story The first time I saw Sia Figiel, I thought, “Who is this woman in the…

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PortionMate! Is it the Solution to Right Size Portion?


  Many people following a meal plan focus on the number of calories in each food. This becomes challenging to manage. It is easier to use “Portion Mate” – A meal and snack measuring tool. It takes away the guesswork and all the other methods that you use to align right sized portions. One of…

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Good News About Eating Less Sugar!

Part 2 Here’s Some Good New About Eating Less Sugar! Some More Helpful Tips • Visit your dentist at least every six months. Brush and floss your teeth thoroughly after snacks and meals, especially after eating sweets. Fluoride toothpaste is good choice. • Limit sweets as much as you can and eat small portions only once…

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Healthy Teeth and Bodies From Food!

How To Get Healthy Teeth And Bodies From Food! Dump candies, cakes, cookies and other sugar-filled snacks although they taste good. But too much sweet can be harmful for your teeth and body. Why Is Sugar Bad For Your Teeth? Sugar eats away at your teeth. This is called tooth decay. Tooth decay results when…

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Immunity – Eating Healthy Foods To Keep It Strong


Part 2 – How Anti-oxidants in foods give protection The antioxidants stand guard between free radicals and healthy immune cells. The anti-oxidants fire up their own electrons to the free radicals. These neutralize the free radicals stopping them from doing further harm. In the process our bodies; immune cells stay protected and strong. Researchers found…

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Green Tea And It’s Differences


Green Tea: Is It’s Goodness to Health & Wellness the Difference in its Process?  The three types of tea, black, green and oolong all start the same way when cultivated as a bush on the tea plantation. The buds and tender leaves are picked and dried on racks before you are able to buy them…

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Nutrition Facts About Fruit – Part 2


Amazing Facts How to Sort the Nutrition Information About Fruit Many factors may attribute to the findings One idea suggests that the flavonoids of lemon may inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Fruits are a great helper in losing weight. Researchers in Brazil asked women to add 3 apples, pears or equal amount of fiber…

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Diet: Fall Foods to Boost Winter Blues and Cancer

Fall brings a wide spectrum of foods to the grocery stores and farmers‘ markets that can boost your immunity. You can plan and serve different varieties of fruits and vegetables that will help you during the cold months and in general the whole year. Combine these colorful fruits and vegetables that depict the colors of…

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