Spring! Do you Want to Spring into Your Right Weight For Summer?


When you are at your best weight you feel good and look great. Losing just a few pounds – 10 to 15 – can make you healthy. A healthy weight cuts your risk for some diseases, also. Therefore, if you need to lose weight, begin now. Don’t wait for more pounds to creep on. Pay…

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Women’s Nutritional Health


Women’s Nutritional Health [Changing Past Myths to Evidence-Based Science]  Today, research is proving and dispelling past myths that the signs and symptoms that women experienced were all legitimate. When women sought medical help from their physicians, the previous trend and belief was that what they felt was “all in the head.”  These complaints were factual…

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Hope Complete Salad [Shared]

Blog Salad & coleslaw

We are all busy, but you can make some meal preparation ahead of time. As a nutritionist, I also encounter my own challenges as I have to make sure that I eat healthy balanced meals in the right-sized portions at all times. I am no different from the layperson who is strapped for time and…

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Contest Time!


Enter for a chance to win a set of PortionMate Tools   We’re rewarding one lucky winner with a set of PortionMate Meal and Snack Measuring Tools. You can measure all your favorite food directly into your plate or bowl. PortionMate is a color-coded meal and snack-measuring tool that allows the user to quickly and…

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Take the Plunge – Swim Your Way to Better Health


The month of January is coming to its end. How has it been for you? Are you executing action steps to accomplish your goals? I hope that your answer is a resounding yes. That takes positive “belief” in yourself that you can do it. Commitments, desire, determination and taking action daily, weekly, to make the…

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New Year A New You – Does Exercise Matter?

Exercise Shoes

This perfect balance transforms into Eating Right! Get Fit! Lose Weight and Feel Great is the triage of this newsletter. EVIDENCE OF EXERCISE RESEARCH TO MOTIVATE YOU:

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Best Foods for Your New Year [New You Results]


Best Foods for Weight Loss Without Hunger This is a long list and you should include these mostly plant based whole foods in your meal plan to eat everyday to achieve your goals. If this list of foods are unfamiliar to you add them one at a time and build on so that you can…

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Six Satiety Strategies For You To Use Everyday


Here are six ways to increase satiety per calorie to reduce body weight and chronic hunger each day to achieve your new healthy lifestyle.

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A New Year A New You – What Moves You?

New Year New You - What Moves You

Food makes the body. Exercise shapes the body. Studies have shown that people who successfully lose weight and who keep it off for at least 5 or more years change both their eating habits and include regular physical activity into their lifestyle. Aerobic, strength training and flexibility exercise have shown to reverse insulin resistance, increase…

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How Drinking More Water can Benefit You


Drinking at least 8 glasses of filtered water a day helps to: Hydrate your skin and clarify your complexion Lubricate your joints Promote normal digestion and nutrient absorption Promote normal bowel movements Reduce fatigue Aid in weight loss by promoting a feeling of fullness May help to stop dehydration-related headaches Boost your immune system Give…

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