Women’s Nutritional Health


Women’s Nutritional Health [Changing Past Myths to Evidence-Based Science]  Today, research is proving and dispelling past myths that the signs and symptoms that women experienced were all legitimate. When women sought medical help from their physicians, the previous trend and belief was that what they felt was “all in the head.”  These complaints were factual…

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Rejuvenation Tools


Hello my Beloved Readers! I know that you’re happy that spring is finally here, even if it is still not warm enough for you. The air is crisp and clean so enjoy it. Close your eyes and take deep breaths to fill up your lungs. Hold it for a few seconds, then slowly breathe the…

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Juicing and Blending: Which is Best for Your Beverage?


Source: PartSelect.com

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Jumbo Banana Nut Muffins


These muffins are intended to be mega – size, and appealing to those who want more. The muffins are nutritiously delicious, so you needn’t feel badly about eating the whole thing. However, you can make 12 muffins with this recipe instead of 9 mega (jumbo) muffins. Over-ripe bananas are good to use to make these muffins…

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How to Live A High Performance Life


Last week, I attended “High Performance Academy” Live Event in San Diego where 1500 hundred of us – men and women of diverse backgrounds, businesses, occupations, and professions came from countries far and near – packed the fourth floor of the San Diego Hilton and were coached by Brendon Burchard, who is the – #1…

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Take the Plunge – Swim Your Way to Better Health


The month of January is coming to its end. How has it been for you? Are you executing action steps to accomplish your goals? I hope that your answer is a resounding yes. That takes positive “belief” in yourself that you can do it. Commitments, desire, determination and taking action daily, weekly, to make the…

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New Year A New You – Does Exercise Matter?

Exercise Shoes

This perfect balance transforms into Eating Right! Get Fit! Lose Weight and Feel Great is the triage of this newsletter. EVIDENCE OF EXERCISE RESEARCH TO MOTIVATE YOU:

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A New Year A New You – What Moves You?

New Year New You - What Moves You

Food makes the body. Exercise shapes the body. Studies have shown that people who successfully lose weight and who keep it off for at least 5 or more years change both their eating habits and include regular physical activity into their lifestyle. Aerobic, strength training and flexibility exercise have shown to reverse insulin resistance, increase…

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Nutrition Tidbits: Drink up!


Drink! Drink! Drink! Drink water. How many people do you know who say they don’t want to drink anything before going to bed because they’ll have to get up several times during the night? You may think and believe that urination during the night is caused from the water you drank late in the evening.…

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Food! Our need for it

Healthy Eating - HopeNutriServices.com

  We all want to be healthy and stay healthy and therefore the need for a nutritionally balanced diet is essential. Healthy eating means choosing a wide variety of foods in the right amounts and practicing good eating habits. Food provides the body with energy and a number of chemical substances called nutrients, which carry…

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