New Year – New Beginning

Yes, It is a new year. Each new year brings changes and new beginnings. For me it is reflection of looking back at the past year to see what my year looked like. It was a great year with many promises fulfilled and some disappointments of things going not so well.
This year, I’m focusing on learning from the things that did not go so well in hopes of making changes and moving on. What are some of my changes? It is learning how to take a stance in the things that matters most such as ethics and integrity. I have noticed that  ethics and integrity don’t seem to be a standard  that is practiced by some in the world today.  It is my mission to execute high standard and ethics with people whom I deal with and within the work that I do.

My words and actions should be the gold standard. I will spend time teaching you and giving you information and products that are science and evidence-based.  Products that are top quality with value and giving you excellent service in all the areas that impact you.

Now I ask you? What resolutions have you set, now that the holidays are behind you?  It is time to refocus on healthy habits. Here is an exercise taken from Tony Robbins to get you to  reflect and get back on track to your new beginnings.

“10 years from now you will surely arrive. The question is where, who are you going to be, who are you going to be with.  What is your life going to be about?  What is it going to be like?
Most people are so caught up in day to day they never do that. One way to do that is to build on success.  Slow the clock down. Take a 1/2  hour or hour and brainstorm on:
1.       What are your magic moments from this year
a.       What made you laugh hysterically (the little moments)
b.       Something someone shared with you
c.        Something your proud of
d.       What was challenging but you got through it
e.       What were your accomplishments
f.        What great decisions did you make

Maybe sit down with someone you love and go over this.  This will create momentum going into the New Year.
2.      What did not work this year?  What did you dislike?  We all like a
brand new start but to do that we have to learn from the past.
a.      Why it didn’t work
b.      What bugged you
c.      What upset you
d.      What can you learn from that and what can you do differently next year.
If you didn’t learn from it then learn from it now.
e.      What could you have anticipated

Not to beat yourself up.  Look at it like a scientist. “OK” that didn’t work that was a pattern or that was fear getting in the way.”

Discover what didn’t work and was there a common pattern.  Use your tools and make the change
3.       What are you committed to for the next year
a.       All it takes to change your life is a new decision.
i.  You don’t like your business-change it                                                               ii.  You don’t like your body-change it
iii.  You don’t like your relationship-
change it

Start by changing you before you think about changing someone else or you will just take you to the next situation and the same problems will show up.  You can change anything but you must be very clear about what you really want or you won’t follow through

4. Set up a ritual that will make it work.  We are controlled by rituals.  We can predict how things will turn out by your rituals.  Rituals make it real.  They make it what you really do.  Rituals create ease. ”

As you read this, commit on doing the exercise outlined here by Tony Robbins. This is a great road post to get you on a healthy head start on 2012. Stay tuned for some healthy recipes and tips to help you on your journey.

Take charge of your life and be consistent with your rituals. “You gotta have hope”

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