Nutritional Formulas to BOOST Your Immunity

In this article, you’ll find some simple nutritional strategies to help you maintain health for the next few months and beyond!

Follow a Healthy Lifestyle and Take Natural Immune Boosters

When it comes to achieving and maintaining good health, following a healthy lifestyle that includes a well-rounded diet, regular physical activity, adequate sleep, and stress management¬†are paramount. In addition, daily supplementation of certain natural ingredients has been shown to enhance the body’s ability to address immune health challenges. Below I’ve listed two of these science-based formulas for immunity.

3-in-1 Formula for Core Immune Support

ImmuCore is designed to provide a comprehensive approach to support immune system health by combining three core immune-supportive ingredients in one easy-to-use formula. Ideal for long-term immune protection, this science-based formula features significant levels of the following nutrients, plus more:

  • Clinically Demonstrated Ultra Potent-C

Superior vitamin C supplementation to enhance natural killer cell activity and support white blood cell activity.

  • Essential Zinc

Supports the production of immune cells, including white blood cells and natural killer cells.

  • Health-Enhancing Mushrooms

Powerful combination of extracts recognized for health-enhancing abilities when used long-term.

ImmuneCore is available in 90-tablet bottles; enough to support your immunity for one month. Most patients consider a 3-month supply to provide sustained immune protection.

Build Up “Friendly” Bacteria with a New Probiotic Formula

Many patients are surprised upon learning that 70% of their immune system is in the intestinal tract. That’s why it’s very important to maintain a healthy balance of your intestinal bacteria, which may be affected by antibiotic therapy. (Although antibiotics kill the “bad” bacteria in your system, they also attack the “friendly” bacteria that are essential to proper digestion and your overall immune system health.)

Of the numerous health-promoting “probiotics,” Proboulardi is an ideal complement after antibiotic therapy to support a healthy balance of microflora and healthy intestinal function. This new formula contains specific strains of L. rhamnosus, B. lactis, and S. boulardii, which support a healthy immune response and is the perfect travel companion. With just 1-2 capsules of Proboulardi daily, you can achieve effective levels of these friendly intestinal bacteria.

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