Introduction to Juicing

  There is a lot of buzz these days about juicing. With the showing of popular movies like ìSick, Fat, and Nearly Dead, getting the attention of the masses and the success of famous people like Jack LaLanne who sold his famous juicer for years before dying at the ripe old age of 96, more…

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Battling Heart Disease – Other Findings

I recently taught you how to identify healthy fats that are important for you, they have the prefix un- that makes them recognizable such as in polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats. You must remember that although these are important and play a key role, they are high in calories.Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats are not really the same.…

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Role of Magnesium – Natural Ways to Lower High Blood Pressure

Of all the electrolytes, magnesium is one of the most important, because it helps other electrolytes do their jobs. What are electrolytes? Electrolytes are minerals such as calcium, potassium, sodium and magnesium. The electrolytes receive orders from the brain telling appropriate muscles what to do like when to contract or relax and these electrolytes play…

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[You Asked?] How to Lower High Blood Pressure Naturally

It seems that everyone eventually suffers from high blood pressure. The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute stated that adults age 55 and older who don’t have hypertension will eventually have a 90% chance of developing it at one time or the other in their lives. Know that untreated hypertension greatly increases the risk of atherosclerosis…

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Heart Disease! What Doctors Know Now


  A few decades ago, doctors didn’t always know what was best for the heart. But now, and after many investigations, diet plays a pivotal role in the health of the heart. Much has changed. Heart disease is the primary public health killer. Scientists discovered some simple remedies like regular exercise is important and stop smoking…

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Kale: 15 Health Benefits and 8 Delicious Recipes


Guest Post by Jen Miller with Jen Reviews – original article found HERE. I was put off by kale, mostly because it threatened to change my fruity smoothies green. No matter what color it changes your smoothies, if you don’t include kale in your diet, you should definitely start. It is the superfood. It’s even better than spinach.…

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Embrace Your Partner’s Flaws to Regain the Spark

Embrace Flaws - Spark

Beginning at a very young age, society sends a message about romantic love that is far from realistic and that can actually sabotage the path to a healthy relationship. From Disney movies to adult romantic comedies and fairy tales to chick lit, we are continually barraged with the image of one true love that makes…

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You Should Add These 30 Omega-3 Foods To Your Diet Today!

Omega-3 Foods

Guest Post by Helen Sanders, chief editor at Health Ambition. Original article HERE. Now more than ever, we’re being told on a daily basis how much we need omega 3 in our diets. This is with good reason. Omega 3 offers our body a plethora of benefits and a deficiency in this essential nutrient can lead to…

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National Survey Predicts Top 2017 Food Trends by Tapping Over 1,700 Dietitians

Food Trends

The fifth annual “What’s Trending in Nutrition?” national food trends survey has been released. The findings seems to show that interest in dieting is declining, but rather the movement to eating cleanly and mindfully is now the trend to living a healthy lifestyle. Read more below or see the original article HERE. “Year-to-year, our unprecedented…

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Creamy Cannellini Bean Dip Recipe

I remember vividly my early years in elementary school putting soil in a glass jar and putting one or two beans in the soil and within a few days, shoots of tall bean plants appeared. It is the same child-like magic that I experience as an older gardener planting beans in my garden. You prepare…

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