Tomatoes: Unlikely Heroes!

The American Cancer Society had a wonderful post about Summer Nutrition: How Tomatoes Are An Unlikely Hero! The following is attributed to them: Tomatoes possess several interesting properties that make them exceptional at helping prevent cancer, particularly prostate cancer. Their most interesting quality: they supply lycopene which is a strong antioxidant. Also the onions in this…

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Reducing Sugar for Better Health

reducing sugar

AICR recommends limiting sugar including sugary beverages, to prevent gaining extra body fat that can lead to cancer. Here is how one woman cut back on sugar by giving up soda. FREELANCE PHOTOGRAPHER JUDY ROLFE was shooting a session at AICR annual meeting two years ago when something she saw stopped her in her tracks. “The presenter showed…

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Inflammation-Calming Berries And Cherries

Spring and summer are the seasons of mouth-watering cherries and berries. These fresh, sweet-tasting snacks not only delight the palate; they come with a gift of taming chronic, systemic inflammation. Eating anti-inflammatory foods (and avoiding foods that cause inflammation, such as refined grains, sugar, and hydrogenated fats) can help keep inflammation in check and reduce…

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Looking for a snack? Pick something with soluble fiber. A study of African Americans and Latinos found that for every 10-gram increase in how much soluble fiber they consumed daily, their amount of visceral fat which surrounds the organs was reduced by nearly 4 percent over five years. Good sources of soluble fiber include apple,…

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Immunity – Eating Healthy Foods to Keep it Strong!

We rely on having a strong immunity to keep us fit and strong to help us us enjoy our busy, healthy lifestyle during the seasons. We know that food is medicine and medicine is food. Your ability to have good health is directly related to what you eat. People living in countries where there are…

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Fixing Food: Fresh Solutions

fixing food fresh solutions

Coming from, you can’t miss this great information. This is a must read! So, let’s not waste any time, dive in: The nation’s cities are at the front-lines of a food system that is sickening millions of Americans every year and keeping many of these same people impoverished. This dysfunctional system is the product of federal food…

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8 Strategies To Cut Fat When You Dine Out

Dining out presents challenges for people who want to cut down on their fat intake. Learn and use what you know about lower-fat foods, as well as taking time to read the menu carefully for clues about added fat. You can choose higher fat foods at times, but it must be balanced. By this I…

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Want to Spring into Your Right Weight For Summer?

When you are at your best weight you feel good and look great. Losing just a few pounds – 10 to 15 – can make you healthy. A healthy weight cuts your risk for some diseases, also. Therefore, if you need to lose weight, begin now. Don’t wait for more pounds to creep on. Pay…

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10 Healthiest Foods

10 healthiest foods

Ever wondered what some of the healthiest foods to eat and snack on, were? Here you go! Check out the below infographic with the 10 healthiest foods… From Visually.

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Good Habits – Are They Attainable?

The year is moving on. Are you happy with the ways life is showing up for you? Are you in alignment with the goals you set for yourself and getting the results? If you are like most people, you are overwhelmed with too much to do and too little time. You struggle to get caught up,…

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