Pizza – A New Twist to July 4th Celebration

July 4th celebration is just around the corner. Have you decided on a menu that does not include hamburgers and hot dogs? If not, try something different to prepare at home. Try making pizza at home, it is easier than you think. This is called thinking outside the box and turn on your oven instead.…

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Safe Food Handling Practices for Summer and Beyond

Summer is here! Oh yes. Can you feel the heat? It is sizzling and it’s the season for delicious dishes to be prepared and served in many different ways, some conventional and some not so conventional. You need to arm yourself with helpful tips to keep food safe to prevent you from getting food-borne illnesses.…

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Facts You Can Use To Improve Your Health

I hope you are staying strong and dedicated to your New Year Promises. February is Heart-health month and March is Nutrition month.  Let’s kick off translating these facts and using them in our daily routine. Did you know that the exercise that leaves you out of breath can help you live longer? This study showed…

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