Strength in Our Story

strength in our story - hope

BY Vanessa K. De Luca “Like those who came before us, we have a deep well of resilience and resolve custom-designed by the Creator.” When I read her Editorial letter, I felt that I should share it with you. It summarizes and gives hope to all of us who were disheartened by the results of…

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AICR Diet & Health Guidelines for Cancer Prevention

health guidelines

[Understand] AICR Diet and Health Guidelines for Cancer Prevention Chose a diet rich in a variety of plant-based foods. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits. Maintain a healthy weight and be physically active. Drink alcohol only in moderation, if at all. Select foods low in fat and salt. Prepare and store food safely. And always…

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How Fiber is Crucial for Inner Well-Being

Oh! So important, once known as roughage is the edible but in-digestible cell wall of plants. Dietary fiber is found only in plant-based foods. It resists acids in the stomach and other digestive enzymes in the gut, and it travels to the large bowel intact. There are two kinds of dietary fiber: soluble fiber and…

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Free Radicals Friend or Foe?

What Happens Look at rust on iron or tin and you get a fair understanding of the free radical process. When moisture meets iron, it undergoes a chemical process called oxidation, causing the reddish coating that we know as rust. Oxidation means that something reacted with oxygen. Specifically, it means that oxygen molecules (the air…

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Summer Grilling from the Garden

Discover a new taste Summer is here. It is the time to enjoy the outdoors and a perfect time to try colorful, fresh and good for you fruits and vegetables. You can grill just about any gems from your garden or otherwise bought from local markets and grocery stores.  Explore with these or your favorites…

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[Stir it up] Revel in Heat

Scotch Bonnet? As In Jerk Cuisine Some people like their foods spicy hot. The heat comes from hot peppers, Capsicum sinensis. Scotch bonnets and bird peppers —“a bad, bad pepper.” The medium-sized Scotch bonnet is a flavorful thick-skinned round pepper; it may be red, yellow or green. There is an almost identical pepper called the…

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Discover The Healthful Power Of Whole Food & Whole Body Wellness

Sweet Potatoes: Loaded with vitamins C & B and also a good amount of fiber. You can substitute them for white potatoes in many recipes. One cup of mashed sweet potatoes supplies eight times the recommended daily values for vitamin A. I enjoy them baked, mashed, as home-made fries, added to soups and stews and…

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Healthy Summer Tips

The sounds of summer are in the air. Can you hear them, or are you making them? Enjoy your summer days, while you are at it, remember to eat, drink and have fun exercising moderation without experiencing regrets.   Nutrition Know Hows: Drink For Your Memory “You can have a glass of wine! Enjoy it.…

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Grilled Chicken Breasts– Any way you like it cooked – Oven! Fire Coal! Gas!

Any way you like it cooked — Oven! Fire Coal! Gas!

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What Counts As A Serving?

Servings & Portions -

What Counts as a Serving Or Portion Size? In order to eat the right size portion, see the notation at the end of this document, as the serving sizes in the chart are smaller than those on the nutrition Facts labels. As an example 1 serving of cooked cereal, rice or pasta is 1 cup…

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