Kale: 15 Health Benefits and 8 Delicious Recipes


Guest Post by Jen Miller with Jen Reviews – original article found HERE. I was put off by kale, mostly because it threatened to change my fruity smoothies green. No matter what color it changes your smoothies, if you don’t include kale in your diet, you should definitely start. It is the superfood. It’s even better than spinach.…

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Fueling Body and Mind: Taking the Trash Out

fueling body and mind

We all love tips and tricks, right? Well, obesity is also on the rise! So, how do we enjoy our indulgences and yet still try to remain healthy? Tamara Lechner wrote “Garbage In, Garbage Out: How to Fuel Your Body and Mind” on the Chopra Center website. She wrote as follows: Fueling your body and…

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Simple Recipe Plus News on E. coli

E. coli

Food news – it seems as though there’s something new every day! And, that can be a good thing. The more we learn, the more aware we can be regarding our health. In the Davidson’s Safest Choice newsletter, I came across information about a new E. coli strand, but first we’ll look at the simple,…

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Obesity Treatments by Adjusting Bacteria in Intestines?

Obesity/Diabetes Treatments

Obesity and diabetes seem to be growing cases in recent years. So, if there are possible treatments with a drug simply targeting bacteria in the intestines, imagine the differences that could make! In Science Daily’s article, Adjusting bacteria in intestines may lead to obesity treatments, the studies behind this exact possibility is discussed. A drug that…

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Interactive Food Labels Plus GMO Labelings

Nutrition Labels

We are all becoming more aware of the labels on the backs of food containers. Some of us are better than others at deciphering the nutritional facts and what may be positive or negative about the numbers. Davidson’s Safest Choice posted in their August newsletter about the FDA’s new website tool; it makes nutritional facts labels interactive!…

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Negative Effect of a High Fat Diet Reversed by Gut Microbe Manipulating?

High Fat Diet Reversed by Microbe Manipulation

We all know high fat diets have negative consequences, but have you thought about what it might do to your gut? Science Daily covered this in their article: Manipulating gut microbes may reverse the negative effect of a high fat. Did you know that your gut sends neural messages to the brain to tell it when…

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Improve Obesity-Related Inflammatory Profiles With Plant-Based Diets

Plant-Based Diets

Being a vegan/vegetarian may have more benefits than first thought. Obesity-related inflammatory profiles may improve when those who suffer consume a plant-based diet – as written about on Endocrinology Advisory in the article Plant-Based Diets May Improve Obesity-Related Inflammatory Profiles.   (HealthDay News) — Plant-based diets are associated with improvement in obesity-related inflammatory biomarker profiles, including…

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Brisk Walks for Improving Glucose Tolerance in Prediabetes

exercise: glucose tolerance

Do you prefer walking over running or jogging? That seems to be just fine and could actually be more effective for improving glucose tolerance! In a recent study, according to an article posted by HealthDay titled “Brisk Walking May Help Ward Off Diabetes,” researchers determine the best amount of brisk walking for lowering elevated blood sugar.…

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Seniors and Exercise

Seniors Exercise

The editorial staff at FamilyDoctor.com wrote a wonderful article about exercising when you’re older. The most important questions you may have in regards to the safety – and even which exercises to do – are included in this article. Exercise and Seniors: Is it safe for me to exercise? It is safe for most adults…

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10 Day Sugar Detox

Sugar Detox

Sugar is taking over and we need to help ourselves by not only cutting back, but detoxing from the overload. In an article posted on The Chopra Center website by Mark Hyman called “How to Detox From Sugar in 10 Days,” we find out the truth about this sweet additive and it’s not so sweet…

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