How to Boost Your Iron Stores

boost iron stores

To get the most iron from your meals, be sure to have a little vitamin C at the same time. Vitamin C can double the absorption of non-heme iron. There are many ways to include vitamin C with meals. For example, a tomato has 24 milligrams of vitamin C, 40 percent of the Daily Value.…

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Anemia – Can it be Iron Deficiency?

Iron deficiency anemia

There are many forms of anemia, but the most common form is Iron deficiency anemia. Iron is a mineral that is commonly found in food and supplements. That means you are not getting enough iron in your diet or you are losing blood-as a result of menstruation. For example – the oxygen-carrying capacity of your…

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Pumpkin Soup (Audio)


Click Here to Download Print the recipe here.

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Enjoy Soy Food and Discover its Goodness

Enjoy Soy Food

Soy: Do you like soy food or is it a trend for you? Soy has its own merit. Researchers show that soy is a nutritious food. It may protect against breast cancer, prostate cancer, heart disease, and osteoporosis. One serving a day seems to be effective. The Power of Soy Soy foods contain healthful soy…

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What is the Story Our Skin is Telling Us?

Story Skin is Telling Us

Our skin mirrors a reflection of what is going on inside of our bodies. We recommend that you eat a balanced, healthy diet. You can start by assessing your nutritional habits and choosing healthier choices. What is key, is staying away from processed and fast foods, and whenever possible, choose fresh, organic products. It is true…

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Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin Soup

Add Fall’s Bountiful Root Vegetables to Your Plate Pumpkin, acorn, and butternut squash are plentiful throughout the fall. You can also find them throughout the year in the grocery stores. And as we move into the cold season, this winter squashes can find their place on your plate. They are chock-full of Vitamins A and…

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Longevity From Omega-6 in Stored Fat?

Longevity from omega-6

It may not be the fountain of youth, but according to a new study there may be a link between longevity and Omega-6 in stored fat. MedPage today had an interesting article, “Omega-6 in Stored Fat Tied to Longer Survival: Slightly lower death rate seen with higher levels in cohort study” by Salynn Boyles. Fascinating! “Higher…

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Fueling Body and Mind: Taking the Trash Out

fueling body and mind

We all love tips and tricks, right? Well, obesity is also on the rise! So, how do we enjoy our indulgences and yet still try to remain healthy? Tamara Lechner wrote “Garbage In, Garbage Out: How to Fuel Your Body and Mind” on the Chopra Center website. She wrote as follows: Fueling your body and…

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Lower Risk of Diabetes for Berry Eaters?

Berries lower risk of diabetes

Fresh or frozen, berries are tasty. And we all know about the servings of fruits and vegetables we need, but the actual benefits may elude us for the most part. According to Steven Daniells on, his article “Berry eaters may be at lower risk of diabetes: Meta-analysis“, berries may decrease the chance of diabetes.…

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Free Radical Secrets (And Ways to Fight ‘Em!)

Free Radical

What is a Free Radical? It is oxidation – that means that something reacted with oxygen. Specifically, it means that oxygen molecules have lost an electron during their interactions with other molecules. They are unstable oxygen molecules that are dangerous and to become stable they steal electrons from healthy molecule they can grab and in…

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