Eat For Your Heart’s Health

Researchers selected 7 super foods to fight heart disease. Each is shown to lower cholesterol, blood pressure and other heart disease risk factors. Would you consider working all seven into your diet to cut your risk by 76% based on the report in the British Medical Journal?

Here are seven super foods that can enhance your heart‘s health:

1. Fruits and vegetables: Five or more servings per day contain antioxidants that can cut risk by 21%. (These are combined as 1.)

2. Garlic: Eating, cooking (3/4 ounce) just a couple of teaspoons per week can cut risk by 25%.

3. Fish: Imagine a deck of cards as a portion size of 4 ounces eaten 4 times per week can cut risk by 14%. Fish contains omega-3 fatty acids and is shown to slow the formation of artery-clogging plaque.

4. Almonds: A large handful (2.5 ounces, or about 50 nuts) per day, contain vitamin E can cut risk by 12.5 %.

5. Red wine: One glass per day (up to 5 ounces) – contains anti-oxidants can cut risk by 32 %.

6. Dark chocolate: You can eat up to one large candy bar (3.5 ounces) per day, but (less if you are dieting). It contains polyphenols that can cut risk by 21%.

As shown the choice, quality of food, and the portion size play an integral part in the health benefits attributed to the heart.

With the New Year quickly approaching, is eating healthier a part of your plan for the New Year? If so, what among this list would you choose to begin implementing? You don’t have to totally disrupt your eating pattern completely. Choose one of these super foods to implement into your meal plan following its frequency and the portion size recommended for the duration of two weeks or more. Once you get accustomed to the routine add another new preference until you complete the lists.

The strategies here are for you to make small consistent changes– one change at a time until you develop this pattern of eating ultimately forming new preferences for these super foods and eliminating the ones that you indulged and are less nutritious.

Here is a Minestrone Soup recipe that you can make with a medley of herbs vegetables beans and garlic. The cold and (winter) season is here and soup truly nourishes and warms the body. Most of the ingredients in this soup can be fresh or frozen based on your time schedule. You could make your soup or meals a day ahead. A Slow Cooker comes in very handy during the winter months to cook delicious nourishing meals.

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