How to Live A High Performance Life

Awhile ago I attended “High Performance Academy” Live Event in San Diego where 1500 hundred of us – men and women of diverse backgrounds, businesses, occupations, and professions came from countries far and near – packed the fourth floor of the San Diego Hilton and were coached by Brendon Burchard, who is the:

#1 New York times Bestselling Author

#1 Self-Help Show on You Tube, #1 Podcast debut on iTunes

Top 100 Most Followed Public Figure on Facebook

“The world’s highest-paid marketing trainer.” Success Magazine

“One of the most successful Online trainers in history.” –

I can tell you that all of those titles are truthful and befitting because Brendon lives them and demonstrates how to live a high performance life by excelling beyond standard norms consistently over the long term.

This four-day event was life changing and fully charged with energy and zest that deepened our skills in productivity, persuasion, psychology, physiology, presence and purpose. When we excel beyond the standard norms consistently over the long term by being fully engaged, joyful and confident, we’re living from our best self in the above areas and in service to others so that they can also live their best life to help others.

We learned how to be our best selves by doing exercises on meditation, tapping, taking breaks, performing deep breathing exercises, doing physical exercises, drinking water, eating whole healthy unprocessed foods, taking supplements, and getting 8 hours of sleep. All of these exercises support the frameworks of the six areas listed above.

We had other speakers, like Daniel G. Amen. MD., who spoke on the connection between physical health and the brain.

Dave Osprey, founder of Bullet Proof, gave us hacks to use with 3 rules. The Flee response, the Feed response and the third “Fxxx” – how we translate the latter is faster than our thought. Inside the brain is the operative system that controls our biology.

Tim Evans created a system (secret sauce) for developing the framework of our body through neurology, muscular and skeletal, using exercises showing how the body parts are interconnected, and the greatest indicator of longevity is movement.

This event was invaluable. I had the opportunity to meet like-minded people who are inspired and motivated to perform at high performance for themselves in service to others. I’m touched by this event knowing that I went to learn and discover that there is room for growth to impact family, friends, outcome, community and myself. I can work, live and gain mastery of high performance living. Thank you Brendon for all you do and teach.

My question to you:

  • Are you happy with your physical, mental and spiritual health as you age?

I would love to hear your comments!

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