Immunity – Eating Healthy Foods to Keep it Strong!

We rely on having a strong immunity to keep us fit and strong to help us us enjoy our busy, healthy lifestyle during the seasons. We know that food is medicine and medicine is food. Your ability to have good health is directly related to what you eat.

People living in countries where there are short supplies or shortage of nutritious foods, are predisposed to poor immune systems. As a result, people with weak immune systems are likely to develop infections. People with cancer or people who suffer from serious illnesses lacking an appetite to eat well have suboptimal immune systems. Eating more of certain kinds of foods and less of other kinds can boost the body’s ability to fight most illnesses from the onset of colds to the complexities of cancer.

What is Immunity?

The Immune system consists of two different parts. One part of the immune system is non-specific. That is, it attacks or resists just about everything.  Here’s an example of how it works.

  • Your skin provides a barrier against bacteria, viruses and other invaders with which it comes in contact.
  • The skin also secretes sweat and oil that are acidic and these help to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.
  • Your stomach secretes germ killing acids and enzymes for protection.
  • Your saliva and tears contain an enzyme that destroys bacteria.
  • The very hairs in your nose keep germs and other matters from entering your body.

The second part of the immune system is the specific system and comes into play when there is a breach in the non-specific part of the process (microbes enter the body). This part of the system is very selective. Once an invader is detected, it launches an army of weapons called antibodies. These are proteins designed to kill one specific invader and no other. The immune system has the capability of making more than 100 billion types of antibodies. For these reasons they can recognize and attack just about any invader they find. Check out this phenomenon! It has a long memory. Once you’ve been exposed to a germ the immune system will remember it. If that same germ returns over a period of months, years or decades later the specific antibodies will quickly get into action and stand guard to protect you.

Your Defense to Strengthen Immunity – Eat the Right Foods

This may sound like a ceremony that I’m preaching, but it is not. The best defense you can give the immune system is to eat a well balanced diet consisting of a variety of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, seeds, nuts and seafood. These foods are nutrient dense (high in nutrients) that can help keep your immune system healthy. Another factor to consider, some of these nutrients contain antioxidants that may help give the immune system an added boost.

You know that anti-oxidants play a vital role in your body’s defense. When your immune cells come under attack with “weapons of mass destruction” (free radicals), harmful oxygen molecules are created in enormous numbers daily. Free radicals are missing an electron that surges through your body, stealing electrons whenever they can find them. Every time they are successful in grabbing the oxygen molecules, they damage healthy cells.

I would love to know, what do you do to keep your body’s immune system boosted? Leave a comment below. 


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