Inflammation-Calming Berries And Cherries

Spring and summer are the seasons of mouth-watering cherries and berries. These fresh, sweet-tasting snacks not only delight the palate; they come with a gift of taming chronic, systemic inflammation.

Eating anti-inflammatory foods (and avoiding foods that cause inflammation, such as refined grains, sugar, and hydrogenated fats) can help keep inflammation in check and reduce disease risk. Such is the case with berries and cherries! Both offer nutrients that crown them with a health halo of inflammation-calming characteristics.

Berries offer a heavy nutritional bite packed with inflammation-quelling antioxidants. Over the past 10 years, research has revealed the health benefits of berries, including their impact on chronic diseases, including cancercardiovascular disease, diabetes, and age-related cognitive regression. Most berry research focuses on traditional North American berries: blackberries, black raspberries, blueberries, cranberries, red raspberries, and strawberries, according to Sharon Palmer from Environmental Nutrition.

Cherries provide a delicious treat with many health benefits. Filled with antioxidants, essential vitamins, and additional nutrients, cherries burst with good stuff.  Consuming about 45 (280 g) sweet Bing cherries can significantly decrease circulating concentrations of inflammatory biomarkers in the blood.

Cherries and berries are extremely healthy and gift you with some powerful anti-inflammatory benefits. Another thing that’s for certain, they’re delicious! Add berries or cherries (or both) to you daily diet. Begin today by trying this simple smoothie that is “berry” good for you.

Read more, and get a Tame-the-Flame Smoothie recipe, as posted on The Chopra Center by Fran Benedict: Calm Chronic Inflammation with Cherries and Berries

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