Looking for a snack? Pick something with soluble fiber.

A study of African Americans and Latinos found that for every 10-gram increase in how much soluble fiber they consumed daily, their amount of visceral fat which surrounds the organs was reduced by nearly 4 percent over five years. Good sources of soluble fiber include apple, citrus fruits, carrots, peas, beans and barley.


Seventy percent of 8-month-olds consume too much salt, mainly from prepared baby food, cows milk, breakfast cereal, canned pasta, and meat.


Children get a third of their daily calories, on average, from food prepared outside the home.

Something to Chew On

Did you know that racing through dinner might cause you to gain weight? A study of both obese and normal weight men found that the amount of times they chewed was associated with how much food they consumed, the magic number appears to be forty: People who chewed each bite of food 40 times reduced how much food they ate by 12 percent compared with those who chewed less. Plus, the super chewers consumed fewer calories, had less of a hormone that stimulates appetite, and more of a hormone thought to reduce appetite than the others.

Menus, Exposed [RESTAURANT]

Don’t be so quick to assume the nutrition information on restaurant menus is accurate. In fact, a study of over 250 food items from sit-down and fast-food restaurants found that in almost 1 in 5 cases, the food contained at least 100 calories more than the menu said. That’s no small amount: An extra 100 calories per day can add up to 11 to 15 pounds of weight gain over a year. What’s more, the 10 percent of foods with the biggest discrepancies contained close to 300 more calories on average than stated on the menu. On the whole, calorie counts were more accurate at fast-food restaurants than at sit-down places. The most misleading menu items were side dishes, carbohydrate-rich foods, dressed salads, and desserts.

The Beauty of Vegetables

They are one of Nature’s works of art, but what’s really Beautiful about Veggies is How Healthy and tasty they can make a meal.

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