Pilates! What is it?

You have probably heard about Pilates or read about it in magazine articles, and you still don’t understand or know what it is about. Pilates provides strength training just like a free weight workout or using machines, but adds an extra component.” Every movement is focused back to the spine where you are always “improving core strength and balance.”

You heard the name core all the time, I’m sure. So think of the core as the muscles that support and stabilize your lower spine, back and hip areas. These are the muscles that enable you to sit up straight from a lying down position, or get up from a deep chair. Pilate’s movements need to be deliberately singled out during exercise to keep the core strong and prevent weakening. Pilates is not the same as “abs exercises” in conventional floor exercises. These exercises hardly target the core muscles. In fact if you core muscles are weak, it increases your risk of back injury from fall, and even just bending over to pick up something.

The Back Connection

Another benefit of Pilates exercises, you develop flexibility, range of motion and balance. Some Pilates movements are simple and smooth while other movements require you to learn the movements before you can do them. That is where having a certified instructor to teach you the choreography is important. Every Pilates routine addresses posture, spinal and torso strength. When you do the Pilates exercises successfully the abdominal muscles become firm and strong and is the key to its success.

How to get started

You should always check with your physician first and get his “ok” if you buy introductory books and videotapes or learning from a friend. By following instructions carefully, and progressing slowly it is possible to develop simple routines that can be done at home with a floor mat. When you master some of the beginners exercises, you can go on to take structured classes with an instructor where more advanced movements are taught using advanced equipment.

I am a Pilates advocate and do it 3 times per week at Pilates Design Studio. It helps me with flexibility, balance, core strength, and muscle strength. It even repaired my torn rotator cuff after surgery. It is now stronger than the other shoulder and my instructor is passionate and the best in her field to work with you and make you the best you can be. I have no hesitations in sponsoring her if you need to use Pilates as one of your movements option.

Instructor’s name: Patricia Jones

Studio: Pilates Design – “Simply The Best”

8910 West State RD 84
Davie, FL 333324
Phone (954) 915- 6870
Website. www.PilatesDesign.com

Here is a message that I taped on one of my Pilates morning rituals.

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