Six Satiety Strategies For You To Use Everyday

Here are six ways to increase satiety per calorie to reduce body weight and chronic hunger each day to achieve your new healthy lifestyle.

Avoid liquid calories.

Research shows that sugar in a solid form (jelly beans) provides more satiety for a given calorie level than it does if it is dissolved in water (soda).

Reduce the calorie density of the solid foods you eat.

Foods with high-density levels generally provide less satiety/calories than foods with a low density. Fruits, vegetables, legumes and nonfat dairy are all much lower in calorie density than processed foods that are made with sugar and white flour. Fatty meats and other high-fat foods are very high in calorie density. Choose lean poultry, seafood and leaner cuts of meat instead.

Increase high-fiber foods.

Foods with more dietary fiber tend to make people feel satisfied longer than those with less dietary fiber. Fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains are all higher in fiber.

Don’t eat when you are not hungry.

Research shows that the same snack provides more satiety if eaten when hungry than when consumed in the absence of hunger.

Increase consumption of foods with a greater volume.

If two foods have similar calorie density, as in popcorn and corn chips, choose popcorn rather than corn chips or puffed kashi rather than Grape-Nuts cereal as those choices have more volume than their alternatives.

Avoid foods high in fat and/or sugar.

Research suggests that foods with more protein, starch and fiber provide more satiety per calorie than those high in fat, sugar or refined grains. Foods that are high in fat include fried foods, cheese, butter, margarine, refined oils, fatty meats and many fast foods such as burgers and pizza. Foods that are high in sugar include candies, pastries, cookies and most dessert.

These strategies when applied will take you closer in meeting your weight loss goals.

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