Take it to Heart – Health Tips

Eating well and being physically active is important for a healthy heart. Try these tips from The Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics and your heart will thank you.

  1. Lighten up. Losing even a few extra pounds helps unburden your heart.
  1. Be Fat-savvy. Trim saturated fat and cholesterol by choosing lean meats, skinless poultry and low-fat or fat-free milk products. Look for foods with little or no trans-fat. Actually, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) banned this and in the next 3 years manufacturers have to totally comply with the law.
  1. Slash sodium (salt). Look for reduced-salt and no added-salt versions of canned soups, vegetables and prepared foods. Add less salt to foods.
  1. Load up on produce. Enjoy colorful fruits and vegetables – their fiber, vitamins and minerals are great for your heart and blood pressure.
  1. Go For whole grains. Eat at least three ounces daily of whole-grain foods such as whole-grain cereals, whole wheat bread and pasta and brown rice.
  1. Get hooked on fish. Eat omega-3-rich fish such as salmon, trout and herring at least twice a week.

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