Take the Plunge – Swim Your Way to Better Health

Are you executing action steps to accomplish your goals? I hope that your answer is a resounding yes. That takes positive “belief” in yourself that you can do it. Commitments, desire, determination and taking action daily, weekly, to make the change will engender positive results in the way you feel and the way you look. My recommendation is to never give up. Do the best you can with small changes stick with them until it becomes a habit and then add another positive behavior. In no time, the old bad behaviors will disappear as the positive new behaviors replace them.

“Live in the now appreciating each moment.”

Article Credit – American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR)

Take the Plunge! You don’t need a crew of synchronized swimmers to make the most of the pool. Swimming laps at a moderate pace—or doing other aquatic exercise—is an aerobic workout and counts toward the minimum 30 minutes of daily physical activity AICR recommends for lowering cancer risk.

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In addition to lowering cancer risk, swimming and other aquatic exercise (like water aerobics) can improve mobility and decrease pain for people with arthritis. Thanks to buoyancy, you can exercise longer in water than on land without joint pain.

If you are new to swimming, start with short workouts of 5 – 10 minutes. Work your way toward longer swims by adding a lap or two each session. It doesn’t matter what stroke you use (e.g., side stroke, crawl, butterfly, etc.) Moving is important.

Start and end swim session with a slow, relaxed lap or two to warm up and cool down. Also, build in breaks between laps to tread water. These breaks will allow you to catch your breath while you continue to move gently.

Oscar-Worthy Advice: Even in winter, community centers and YMCAs offer affordable access to indoor pools with “open swim” times as well as aquatic exercise classes for adults. Once you have your basic strokes down, practice them in 5-10 minutes of easy lap swimming, and then gradually go faster for a little longer.

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