The Connection Between Orange Juice and Brain Health

orange juice and brain health

orange juice and brain health

Did you know that including an eight ounce glass of 100% orange juice in your daily routine may help minimize and protect against Alzheimer’s Disease?

How does 100% orange juice help?

Recent studies show that low folate intake or low blood folate levels increased the risk for dementia or Alzheimer’s Disease.

Folate can help reduce homocysteine levels in the body. Homocysteine is an amino acid found in the blood and is related to cognitive impairment, when high levels are found. The nutrition experts at Tufts University have shown through studies that low levels of folate have been linked with low energy levels, depression and even memory loss.

To improve your folate intake levels, which may help to reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s disease, be sure to include foods and beverages that are a good source of folate, such as 100% orange juice. An eight-ounce glass of 100% orange juice provides 69 micrograms of folate, more than 15 percent of the recommended Daily Value for adults.

Boost Children’s Brainpower

Valid research support shows that children who regularly eat breakfast compared to children who skipped breakfast are more successful in school. Children should begin each day with a healthy breakfast, such as whole grain toast with peanut or any nut butter, low-fat yogurt and 100% orange juice.

The research shows that children who eat breakfast typically have:

  • Improved memory function
  • Higher test scores
  • Better grades
  • Improved attendance

ActiFolate is Metagenics proprietary blend of L-5 methyl tetrahydrofolate (L-5-MTHF), 5-formyl tetrahydrofolate (5-formyl THF), and folic acid. This all-inclusive, bio-available source of folate nutrition is perfect for patients who require general folate supplementation.

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